The Greek Crisis explained with My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I put this together to take a break from the seriousness of the crisis. With much love and hopes for a sensible end to this current mess!

Once upon a time, there was Greece


Greece wanted so badly to be like the rest of Europe


With some trickery from Goldman Sachs, they succeeded!


The years passed and the same two governments kept rotating.


And then, disaster struck. A giant fiscal imbalance was uncovered.


Things got bad.


Really bad.


Everyone began to freak out that Greece would leave the Eurozone.


The citizens of Greece began to lose hope.


It was time to change governments.


But the same old ideas were proposed again and again


Maybe our approach at the Eurogroups was all wrong…


So the negotiation team was reshuffled


But in the end, we’re all Europeans


And maybe we can find common ground after all

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