Journalist and mother, living permanently in Athens, Greece. Stories published in the Guardian, DW.com, The National, UAE and more.

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  1. Hi Omaira, I just realized you are in Athens too! We have a few things on common. I’m a journalist and author originally from New York living the expat life. Perhaps we’ll cross paths one day! Nice blog. Looking forward to following. 😀

  2. Thank you, Omaira, for stopping by my blog and following me in my writing and living adventures in the USA, far from my native France. I am sorry for having missed your blog Of course I love to read about people who have left a place called home to build another one somewhere else. Best to you and your many projects. See you.

  3. HI Sorry , i read the top of your article and stopped where you started to mix concepts : There is no racism towards Greek in general nor towards any other Mediterranean country. Being Greek is not a race. However, there is a tendency in Europe and the world to reject criminals: Tax evaders, corrupted people, from Switzerland (FIFA / Blatter), Spain, France, to Italy…The dark economy is not popular at the moment and this is good news. If the economy is reasonably taxed and above board, the state is richer and that is no bad news either. So there is no racism here, there is a rejection towards criminals wherever they are from and that will continue. We all feel for the Greek people that have been working hard and honestly.

  4. I am Canadian who has fallen deeply in love with greece, I went for six months in the off season and I plan on moving to greece this coming spring . It’s weird because most greeks are leaving . I envy you and love reading your articles keep up the good work.

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